Create your bedclothes as individual as you are!


Our manufactory transforms unconventional ideas for personalized items into tangible realities. Give your bedclothes a personal touch! luiz offers you the exclusive opportunity to have your textiles personalized with your monogram, your initials, your family’s coat-of-arms or your company’s logo. Eye-catching thanks to embroidery.


When delicate lace is lovingly added, it lends a marvelous touch to every pillow. As in grandma’s day, our lace is still meticulously crocheted by hand in our atelier so you can chose from an enormously diverse variety of patterns.


Our manufactory uses a genuine Cornely machine and traditional methods to adorn our textiles with elegant raised Bordon embroidery. This manually guided machine progresses at an unhurried pace, but it’s impressively precise. You can choose from more than 500 fine nuances of color.


Discover the charm of the good old days! Fabricated stitch by stitch in lovingly detailed handwork, this special ornamental seam creates a neat and simultaneously casual border. Each seam is sewn by hand in the traditional manner. We offer you this option in twenty finely selected colors.


Let your creativity run free: mix fabrics, colors and processing variants to create your personal look. We offer twenty-nine different styles for every taste — each one is a special handicraft.


We iron each piece by hand, lovingly wrap it in tissue paper, and present it to you as a special highlight in our high-quality luiz gift box.